Bricks podcast

Credit Bo Lanyon podcast feat. Bo Lanyon, Gwenno, Hannah Murgatroyd and Lucy Stein

Artists explore Covid-secure ways to exhibit using sound, in a new podcast which brings together people and places.

Bristol charity Bricks has launched a new series of podcasts, bringing together artists, communities and places. Supported by Arts Council England Emergency Response funding, Bricks has commissioned 6 artists to explore ideas through sound.

At a time when many artists have found their income and exhibitions reduced or cancelled, the Bricks Podcast supports artists in sharing their unique perspectives on the world with an online audience. The arts sector is continually in search of ways to communicate with new audiences, and face off the financial challenges posed by Covid-19: Bricks is doing this by supporting artists directly to continue making work in ways that are new to them.

Art is reflective of society, and is often instrumental in creating social change. We need artists’ voices now more than ever; the Bricks Podcast brings some of those voices direct to the listener.

Bricks Artist Programme Producer and Bristol-based artist, Jessica Akerman.

The 6 artists are part of Bricks Artist Programme, which developed to meet the needs of artists affected by the Covid-19 crisis, but also by wider systemic issues that have made practice as a visual artist in Bristol increasingly precarious.

Bricks Artist Programme provides a mechanism for visual artists to make a living from their work, by connecting them with new audiences and supporters, as well as helping them to develop their skill set, hear about opportunities and learning from each other through a peer-to-peer network.

Every episode of the Bricks Podcast is led by a different artist. Their research takes them to academics, artists, musicians, fans of the open road and more, as they recount their stories and the influence of the South West.

Instagram and Twitter: @BricksBristol