Extend Project Outcomes 2012–13

Group: Ros Croker, Kithmini Wimalasekera, Rachel Thibbotumunuwe, Rikki Payne and Andrew Vaughan — You Produce Space

As part of the Extend leadership programme a small team of creative learning practitioners researched the impact of space on learning. Speaking with artists and educators to learn about their experiences of leading learning programmes in ‘non-traditional’ spaces, the team found common qualities that offer participants a particular learning experience. 

This resource explores these qualities, and provides methods to recreate and experiment with these in ‘traditional’ learning spaces, such as the gallery or museum, to enable you to produce your own space for learning. There are many correlations between the physical space of a museum or gallery and the narrative space of its collections and exhibitions. You are invited to use this resource to explore, connect and compare both types of space here, and produce your own space.