Extend Project Outcomes 2017–18

Summary: Group 1

Group: Emily Hedley, Heather Kay, Martha Burns Findlay, Natalie Walton —Leading from the heart

This report addresses the question ‘How do personal philosophies influence leadership?’ Our enquiry was both outward and inward looking: to effectively investigate the role of personal philosophies, we wanted to question both others and ourselves. This two-pronged investigation led us to interview people we identified as leaders in their field, hearing from them about the influence their philosophies have had on their leadership, as well as to engage in a personal process, looking at how the development and identification of our own philosophies would influence and develop us as leaders. Our aim was to become more informed, more resilient and more purposeful as we take the next steps in our careers.

Summary: Group 2

Group: Lisa Broom, (Cambridge Junction), Louise Richards, (Literature Wales), Fiona MacDonald, (RIBA & Matt + Fiona), Sarah Green (formally V&A, currently The National Gallery)

In June 2017, 4 individuals from various sectors within the arts came together with a shared aim; to advocate persuasively the interventionist aspect of culture and the arts. As creative learning and educational professionals, we wanted to find a way to champion and advocate for cultural learning and the participatory arts across a wide spectrum of specialisms and perspectives and determine the most effective strategies, both nationally and internationally, for ensuring that every child and young person is entitled to a rich cultural education.

This 3 minute film, written and performed by Spoken Word Poet, Dean Atta is in response to research carried out between June 2017 – April 2018 as part of the Extend leadership Programme.