The JACKeT group (Joanna Salter, Senior Manager, Participation, Royal Museums Greenwich, London; Alex McEwan, Artist, Social Entrepreneur, Scotland; Cheryl Gavin, Director, Helix Arts, Newcastle; Kate Charnock, Learning Officer Est. 1791, Salford; Taneesha Ahmed, Participation Producer, The Tetley, Leeds) investigation focused on the current state of employment in the culture sector; the precariousness and inconsistency and the loaded, conditional question ‘what’s your day rate’?

Each group member felt strong connections to the topic from personal and professional levels. We quickly realised that our values were aligned as a group and wanted to produce an outcome that was meaningful and useful to the sector.

JACKeT produced a WordPress website to easily share and disseminate their research, with the hope the resource will be both empowering for freelance professionals and useful or even eye-opening for the sector.

Visual artist Muskeen Lidar was commissioned to visualise the data collected through an online survey. The data visualisation and a summary of the artists process can be downloaded here.

Highlights from the survey were:

  • Although most people would still enter the profession the 39% who answered ‘maybe’ suggests the uncertainty and precariousness in their professions.
  • Over 76% of participants volunteer or work with young people and could, therefore, be potential leaders or influencers.
  • Over 59% of participants felt responsible for supporting young people’s career choices.
  • We had 68 different responses, with 38% of participants answering that financial/pay related practices are the most important employment practices.
  • The majority of participants chose ‘disparity of pay’ and ‘lack of good employment conditions of procedures’ as the most precarious.


Contributor(s): Joanna Salter, Alex McEwan, Cheryl Gavin, Kate Charnock, Taneesha Ahmed
Artists(s): Muskeen Lidar
Email: extendteam2019@gmail.com
Publication date: April 2020
Cost: Free download
Language: English
Details: PDF download, Website
Project: Extend Leadership Programme