Going Green Artist Talks

The following artist talks explore how arts and engagement can benefit environmental advocacy, and what artists can learn from the natural world.

The following resources are from our Going Green 2024 campaign, which we ran as support for the Great Big Green Week 2024.

Exploring Environmental Justice through Arts Learning, Daryl Stenvoll-Wells

In this talk Daryl discusses her organisation’s approaches to environmental justice through arts engagement.  Through examples of Art Responders’ past projects, she will explore how inclusive interdisciplinary arts projects can ease climate anxiety and promote inclusion of minoritised and economically disadvantaged participants.  

Artist Talk, Frances Disley

Frances Disleys talks about their practice, including projects focused on exploring the ‘more than human world’ in collaboration with communities that include people, plants and place. Through sculpture and film works, Frances considers personal connections to natural spaces and materials – such as ‘love letter to the mystery (wavertree park)’ which was commissioned by Invisible Dust in 2021.

Queer River and The Ripple Effect, James Aldridge

James Aldridge shares his Queer River arts-based research project, exploring what can be learned from queering our ideas of what rivers are and what they need from us. James will also talk about how his research has informed community engagement, in particular The Ripple Effect, a two-year art and wellbeing project focused on the River Avon in Salisbury. The project saw James working with local people with a mental health need, in partnership with Leigh Chalmers from Wessex Archaeology, and Environment Agency.