Interpretations: Case studies


Interpretations was an action research project investigating the role of interpretation in breaking down barriers to access to contemporary visual art in four art galleries in Scotland. The project ran between October 2007 May 2008.

The four different projects addressed the central research question:

How can we use interpretation to increase access to contemporary art, and to address perceived barriers to intellectual access?

Collective Gallery case study
Vocal research question: How does consulting a panel of audience members affect the delivery of interpretation for the Collective Gallery?

Dundee Contemporary Arts case study
Minding The Gap research question: How can we support Gallery Assistants to operate in the perceived gap between organisational aspirations for and audience expectations of a contemporary art experience at DCA?

The Pier Arts Centre case study
Reach Out research question: What interpretation strategies can we develop and adopt that will encourage and maintain interest from a locally-based audience?

Talbot Rice Gallery case study
Show Me Yours research question: How do different audience interpretive communities receive and interpret artworks using a variety of tools and activities? How is this capability most effectively facilitated?