Making Connections Toolkits


These notes are designed to act as support material for the Continuing Professional Development programme, run by Engage and as such are intended for use by gallery educators at the beginning of their career. We hope they will also have relevance for artists, teachers and artist-educators in the field as well as professionals from organisations working with young people.

Each pack has been compiled in consultation with gallery educator Engage members to act as pointers to information and issues that may be of interest to practitioners. It is recognised that situations in art museums and galleries vary hugely, and much information will be familiar to ʻold handsʼ. We hope those in the early years of their careers will find useful background information and those with more experience will make suggestions for more material/ useful contacts. We would be grateful for all comments and suggestions — please include these with your e-mail evaluation of the seminar — these will help in developing the tool kit.

The format of each pack is the same and includes:

  • Food for thought — issues and points for discussion
  • Themed sections — including suggested reading and website links
  • Samples and templates — of various documents for reference
  • References in bold italics refer to documents to be found in this pack.
  • References in italics refer to information/ documents to be found in one of the other subject packs.

Engage would like to thank the Crafts Council, the UKʼs leading national development agency for Contemporary Crafts, for their support of this series of Making Connections seminars. Engage is also grateful for the support of envision and enquire project coordinators Amber Walls, Jo Wheeler and Barbara Taylor. Engage would also like to thank those organisations which have allowed us to include sample documents and templates in the toolkits.

Toolkits researched and produced by Amber Walls and Jo Wheeler with contribution from Steve Little of HUB with the support of Emma Boyd, Engage and based on the model created by Venetia Scott, November 2004.