Teachers’ Notes: Self-Portrait Commission Project

Self-Portrait Commission Project

This project sets students the task of creating a self-portrait and following a commission brief from the National Portrait Gallery. These project notes are based on a term-length Year 10 project put together by a teacher at Acland Burghley School working with the National Portrait Gallery through an Engage Watch This Space teacher placement.

The project is divided into two parts. The first part looks at the idea of a formal portrait, while the second part looks at the concept of a fictive portrait and the different ways each can be realised. These notes can be used for guidance for another project in its entirety or parts of it can be used for smaller art activities around the themes of portraiture and identity, formal portraiture, commissioning portraiture or self portraiture.

A Self Portrait Commission was devised by Johanna Omeshoto, Acland Burghly Secondary School