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Arts, galleries and young people

The Engage website provides information, resources, toolkits, case studies, research, opportunities, training, access to network around gallery education and access.

envision was Engageʼs action-research programme supporting the development of practice with young people aged 14-21 outside formal mainstream education, through action-research, training, seminars, networking, creation of resources and dissemination

enquire was Engageʼs national research programme exploring, assessing and articulating the special learning benefits to young people of working with contemporary art and the gallery space.

Artswork, an independent national youth arts development agency. Upstart Youth Arts Directory, 2005 — contacts, funding sources, etc. Artsplan, a series of guidelines, publications and training packages on work with young people. Also produce Upstart, 100 per cent youth arts, an online magazine which features case studies and information. Also produce Upstart, 100 per cent youth arts, an online magazine which features case studies and information.

ENYAN (English National Youth Arts Network) is an Artswork initiative and membership body designed to create connections throughout the diverse youth arts sector at national, regional and grass roots levels. ENYAN aims to raise the profile and support for youth arts within England, and by doing so create more opportunities for the creative and personal development of young people, especially young people at risk.

Arts Council England. Recent policy, initiatives, esearch and arts education projects, publications and grant opportunities.

Resource created from Arts Council England New Audiences Programme 1998–2003 – designed to promote innovative approaches to encourage as many people as possible from all backgrounds and walks of life to participate in and benefit from the arts. Resources, research reports, case studies and good practice guidelines. Download the The New Audiences Programme 1998–2003 final report.

Directory of Social Change — information and training provider to the arts and heritage sector.

Department of Culture Media and Sport

Young people

National Youth Agency for policy, information, publications, guidelines and resources related to youth work nationally.

Carnegie Young Peopleʼs Initiative focuses on children and young people’s participation, specialising in research, new ideas, networking and piloting innovative projects. Download the Empowering Young People report

National Lottery Community Fund. Includes guidelines for professionals in particular, supporting young peopleʼs active participation and decision-making.

Youth Justice Board for England and Wales


Creative Partnerships was a national government initiative intended to raise the aspirations and achievements of young people and equip them with skills for life by developing the abilities of teachers and their capacity to work with creative professionals. View the Creative Partnerships archive (London)

Access Art resource bank and learning tool for teachers, gallery educators, artists and pupils across all key stages.

Duty of care

NSPCC. For information about child protection, duty of care polices, procedures and guidelines, and publications.

National Children ʼs Bureau. Child protection, health and safety, young people ʼs welfare — including guidelines, national policy and help creating safe environments.

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For a full overview of organisations and contacts: arts, galleries, young people, education, duty of care and social inclusion (updated 2006), download the pdf.