Watch this Space 5 Report of Activity


Watch this Space was managed by Engage and funded through Strategic Commissioning. It is a professional development programme for teachers and gallery educators, designed to enable them to gain first hand experience of each other’s work, in order to initiate, build and sustain relationships that introduce school students to galleries through visits.

During Watch this Space 5, 12 galleries hosted 22 teachers and five initial teacher trainees. 13 gallery educators worked with 13 schools. Over 800 students visited galleries.

Over the five years of the programme, Watch this Space partnerships have enabled gallery visits by nearly 3000 young people aged 6–18 years, most of whom were first time visitors. 101 teachers have worked with 48 galleries and 63 artists and gallery educators have worked with 63 schools. The resources developed and relationships built have introduced thousands more school students from previously non-visiting schools to their local galleries.

Watch this Space partnerships have enabled students to engage with contemporary art to meet the requirements of subjects, including: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Citizenship, the Built Environment, Art and Design and New Media. In addition, Watch this Space 5 galleries hosted Key Stage (KS) 4 dance students, KS3 local history students; KS2 and 3 science students. Four galleries from both sides of the programme contributed directly to the delivery of the new Diploma in Creative and Media.


Author: Penny Jones, Co-ordinator Watch this Space
Type: Project Report
Publication Date: March 2009
Language: English